About me

Apart from dabbling in the dark arts of online marketing and web systems development, I am also a keen adventurist, amateur chef, fly fisherman, musician and lover of life.

Favourite authors: Pratchett, Dickens, Dumas and Dostoevsky.

I believe in appreciating as many aspects of life as one can, we only get one ticket for this merry-go-round after all…

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
– Einstein


Involved in developing, managing and conceptualizing web based systems for business purposes.

My main areas of focus are:

  • Social Commerce (Social Media marketing and sales)
  • Social Media (Let your company join the conversation!)
  • Web Design (Development of multi-functional websites)
  • SEO (Improving your website’s online visibility and searchability)
  • Google Ad Campaigns (Now you’re talking business!)
  • Customised Systems Development (We develop according to your needs)


I am currently involved in the following companies:

Lumisys Web Consultants – Web Systems Development

Channelchat Communications – Beloyal Online Word of Mouth Advertising

Banzai Web Solutions (C.A. Louw T/A Banzai Web Solutions) – Social Media Marketing


To ensure a prompt reply, please contact me by email: anton@louw.tv


Email: anton@louw.tv

Skype: anton-louw